Today I had a lot of fun. We started by editing some pictures from the day before, and  then we began cooking. We had decided to make gluten free naan and curried peanut soup. We began with the soup, and I was surprised by how little ingredients there were. It was mostly just onions and peanuts, in addition to a lot of spices. The ingredients do sound really weird together, but it was actually quite good. To accompany it, we made brown rice and bananas. It sounds really crazy, but we soaked the bananas in lemon juice and cooked them in a ton of spices, sesame seeds, and non-dairy butter. For the naan we made the dough a day before, and let it rise in the fridge. We made them into small balls and rolled them individually, and they were very sticky so we had to use a ton of flour on the rolling pin and board. The cast iron should be very hot, and we fried each piece to create large blisters and then added non dairy butter, garlic, and fresh cilantro to the top of each. We then set up an outside table and had our meal! Although the ingredients were a little weird, it actually tasted really good. It was really filling too, because after one small bowl I was already full. The naan was great as well, although a little more dense because it was gluten free.

Today was lovely. We went to this magnificent tree to take photos. Although sadly it is going to be cut down, so we thought we would take some photos before it was.  The tree was magnificent! It was absolutely gorgeous. After we went to lunch at Vegan Community Kitchen. The food was so great and all vegan, which is nice because I don’t eat dairy, I am also gluten free and don’t eat much meat and they had so many options. I was able to get mac and cheese with cashew cheese that tasted real. And for dessert…I had a chocolate cake that was gluten free and didn’t taste like it because of the nice texture. The frosting was made with sweet potato and I wasn’t able to tell that until we asked what was in it! I really recommend it. After lunch we wrapped up the day by editing our photos.

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Finally getting a bit caught up and wanted to post a note about our fun week last week!

Last week our #clickandcook kids, Sarah and Nicolas, had the opportunity to visit an amazing family farm in North Raleigh that is grown using sustainable practices- he uses biodynamic methods along with the Farmer’s Almanac,  heirloom varieties, and a lot of experience handed down through generations of family farming. Thank you sooooo much to my friend, Amber, for introducing us to your dad!  We learned so much! I am so excited for Lyra, Amber’s daughter,  to continue interning with me this year! Lyra is going to document the farm to preserve the history in photos and stories! We had so much fun photographing and cooking with the gorgeous veggies! We made gluten free Summer Squash fritters with non-dairy Tzatziki sauce and a side of fresh cut tomato! And the second day we made beautiful dark chocolate cupcakes that had beets in them and naturally colored icing using beet juice!  It all went straight from the garden to table- nothing better!!! Please read the kid’s blogs on this site and see all of the gorgeous photos from the week they took! To see the adorable video of Nicolas singing “Beat It” while Sarah was beating the beet juice icing check out our instagram page! https://www.instagram.com/p/BzjBPq1HY6w/



The day started out with driving over to my grandpa’s house, meeting all of the fellow photographers, being told some quick guidelines and then following our way around the garden to pick up some sweet tomatoes, zucchini and a bunch of other vegetables along with some pictures to capture the beauty. Then we came back to Elizabeth’s house to relax and start preparing the zucchini fritters and tzatziki. It was amazing capturing the process of cooking the food and everything that we did to make it a success.


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Today we made chocolate beet cupcakes and kale salad and eggplant dip with most of the ingredients coming from the day before. We started by preparing the dip. We roasted the eggplants with garlic in the oven while we edited pictures. Then we began on the salad by shredding it in the food processor which I had never done before. We set the kale off to the side while we made a spicy lemon vinaigrette. After all of that, we got the eggplants out of the oven and to finish off the dip we combined the eggplants with a few other ingredients. Then we made the cupcake batter with the almond flour we made earlier. I think making flour is better because you get a nice texture. We let the cupcakes bake while we ate lunch and the food was so great. I particularly liked the salad. The flavors were colorful. After, we quickly made the cupcake glaze (which we had some trouble with), and poured it on the cakes. It was so good!

Recipe for Chocolate Beet Cupcakes with beet colored icing here

Recipe for Eggplant Dip  here

Recipe for Kale Salad here ( we subbed toasted sunflower seeds for pine nuts and used vegan Parmesan as well as a bit of chipotle pepper)


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Today I got to edit my photos. First I had help but then I did it by myself. Next we started working on the baba ganoush. We then started on the batter for our beet chocolate cupcakes. We ate the baba ganoush and a kale salad for lunch. We made icing for the cupcakes, then ate them.

Recipe for Beet chocolate cupcakes here

Recipe for Baba Ganoush here

Today was another ClickandCook day with Elizabeth.  We started our day by going to a farm. We went to look around, and it was absolutely stunning. Surprisingly there was no use of pesticides and there were so many vibrant colors there. We walked around the melons and tomatoes with buckets to collect them. I really loved the different colors of tomatoes. Eventually we went to sit on the porch for a break while we talked about how they farmed and how they used the moon to help. He said that farming with the moon helps the rain come at the right time.

After we walked around the farm some more, we went back and had to carry the vegetables in our laps on the car ride home which was uncomfortable. Then we started taking pictures and cooking. We made zucchini fritters and tzatziki sauce. We cut up the vegetables for the fritters and we shredded them and then pressed the juice out. We used flour and baking powder for the rest of the batter then started on the tzatziki sauce. That was pretty easy, just cutting up cucumbers and adding spices and such. Then we grilled the fritters and had them with the sauce and tomatoes. They were really amazing, especially the tomatoes. After we just did a bit of editing to finish the day.

Recipe for Tzatziki sauce here

Recipe for Zucchini fritters here

More info on Biodynamic Farming Practices here

Farmers’ Almanac info here


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