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Please help us spread the word… We love doing Senior High School portraits! So many schools refer to one company to do all of thier photos, but we keep hearing that the Seniors and their parents aren’t thrilled with what they are getting. It makes sense that these photos would be a little more posed and contrived, they are mass produced. Since my days are varied with photographing children, brides, pregnant women…I don’t get bored! I feel like that variety helps keep me excited when a new person comes in. We want to offer fun, spontaneous, beautiful portraits for Seniors that they will be happy with now, and when they are 40 years old looking back at them.

Instead of relying on props and different colored backrounds, we ask the seniors to bring clothing that they love, a best friend, their pet- or even have their boyfriend/girlfriend stop in during the session to take a few photos together. We like to photograph them in our studio as well as outdoors.

These are some samples of recent work I have done… Ana worked with us earlier this year for her internship- We miss her! It was fun to do this shoot with her, her best friend and her boyfriend. I hope these will be great memories for her to look back on. And Avie, I have worked with her and her family over the past 6 years- it has been so cool to see her transform from a kid to a gorgeous woman!

For more info and samples of our work, check out the teen/Senior Portrait section under my portfolio on our website!

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Since the downturn of the economy- we have met lots of women who are going out on their own, starting thier own business, or updating thier resume and need a current headshot.  We love to photograph women for this purpose- to capture a natural photograph of them that they can use for professional use, but is not so posed that they can’t also give it to family or a significant other for a gift. My good friend, Michele Little of One Chic Mama, is a guru on fashion and women. She offered some of her advice for me to share with you all.




Ashley Christensen, Owner, Poole's Diner-Elizabeth Galecke Photography 2008

Michele Little, One Chic Mama by Elizabeth Galecke 2009

Michele Little, owner, One Chic Mama -Elizabeth Galecke Photography,2008


Mary Cantando, Owner, Women BusinessOwner.com-Elizabeth Galecke Photography,2007

How to Look Great in a Headshot

Getting a great headshot is very important for your business.  You’ll use this image on your website, in brochures and flyers and for creating your profile on social media.  It’s necessary to have on hand to pass along for speaking engagements as well as press.  It’s how prospective clients will identify you and decide, sometimes without a meeting, that they want to work with you.  Having a headshot that’s clearly representative of your best you will speak volumes about you and your business – so put your best face forward. 

Clothing is the most important factor in your headshot, but it is definitely not the focus.  When you wear proper clothing, it allows your face to command attention in the portrait and the clothing itself becomes secondary.  As in life, wearing the wrong clothing (color, cut, etc) takes center stage and takes attention from where you want it – on you, or in this case, on your face.  


What Colors Should I Wear?

  • Avoid light colors that approximate flesh tones such as beige, tan, peach, pink, white, and yellow.  The background will be white and your clothing will blend in.  Go for contrast. 
  • Especially bright colors, such as red and orange, will overpower the face and ruin a portrait.
  • Wearing something around your face in your eye color will intensify your eyes and enhance your look.  Try a top or simple earrings in topaz, peridot or sapphires.  Diamond studs are great too.
  • Darker shades are more flattering and slimming, but remember – black is not always the best color. Try navy, chocolate, forest green, deep teal, eggplant or a rich caramel.  
  • Bold stripes, plaids, checks, and prints are confusing and do not photograph well.

What Type of Clothing Should I Wear?

  • Go for a simple, long-sleeved garment with minimal fuss around the neckline.  You want something that creates a frame for your face, so a tailored jacket, a button down shirt or a knit top or dress will look great. 
    • Steer clear of anything fussy, especially around the neckline and face.  It’ll detract from your natural beauty.

Other tips and tricks…

  • Avoid eating refined carbs and starchy foods the night before.  Your face will look puffy in the morning.  The best meal to eat prior to having a picture made is asparagus and salmon.  Salmon is nourishing for the skin and asparagus is a natural diuretic and will give you that chiseled effect with no bloating.
  • Keep your jewelry simple.  You don’t want your necklace to become the focus.
  • Keep your clothing timeless to avoid dating yourself.  You may want to use this photo for years to come without being reminded that the boho look was hot in spring of 2009.
  • And remember, smile – but smile from within, not just on the outside. 


From Michele Little, Image Consultant One Chic Mama, Inc.  www.onechicmama.com


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