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I was just driving back to the studio after doing some errands and heard some gorgeous music coming from the radio- a woman named Lhasa, who was from Montreal- my favorite city- I was mesmerized, and so excited to be learning about a new breathtaking female artist, one that I could look forward to hearing more from!  After the song, the announcer said this had been a tribute… that Lhasa had just died on New Years day. I was thinking, maybe she was old and had lived a long life, giving beautiful music to people around her- but she was only 37- she died after a battle with breast cancer- I have been sitting here, devastated, wondering why people are taken away at such a young age- and how unfair it is that this talented woman be taken off the earth when there are so many people who live long lives that don’t contribute or even care. It is so frustrating and really upsetting. But I am trying to take a positive approach as I sit here and feel complete sadness.  She has given us the gift of this music, in English, French and Spanish! Maybe I would have never heard it, but because of this tribute, I am passing her magical voice on to whoever happens to read this and takes the time to listen. I am also going to buy her cds and play them in the studio, so I can appreciate her gift and my health and life as it is right now. I am thankful I was in my car for that 10 minutes today- with my radio set to the right place at the right time.

Please Listen. http://www.audiogram.ca/artist/Lhasa/music And live each day to the fullest.

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