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off to go fishing, by Elizabeth Galecke

I just returned from a spontaneous trip to see family in Door County, Wisconsin.  I was itching to get away to somewhere with cooler temps, so when my mom twisted my arm to come visit her- and my sister would be there too with all of her four boys, I couldn’t turn her down. Iam just now posting my trip photos from Dallas here as well- I have to budget my film processing-so here they are finally I will have to wait a few weeks to develop the rest from Door County- I shot a lot! Check out many more on my FaceBook Page!    

Sawyer, May 2010 , School of Rock at the Green Elephant in Dallas by Elizabeth Galecke

May, 2010 Elizabeth Galecke Photography

Playing Pool at the Green Elephant, Jacob and friends by Elizabeth Galecke

may 2010,Elizabeth Galecke Photography

My sister, Amy and twin nephew- Hmm, Max or Charlie? by Elizabeth Galecke Photography

max and charlie in their fort watching tv, May 2010 by Elizabeth Galecke

Jacob, May 2010 photo by Elizabeth Galecke

slip and slide, May 2010 by Elizabeth Galecke

may 2010, photo by Elizabeth Galecke

At the Safety Festival- Helicopter Landing- May 2010 by Elizabeth Galecke

Slide at the Safety Fair, May 2010 by Elizabeth Galecke

The Door County trip was so great- nine whole days with family- we saw cousins and aunts we haven’t seen in a LONG time. My mom is the second youngest of 12 kids, (yes, Catholic) so we have a lot of family- and with us moving to Dallas when we were young, and then me to Austin and then Raleigh, I lost touch with many of them over the years. It was so wonderful to reconnect.    

Door County is such a great place to visit. Not only is it scenic with cooler temps being on Lake Michigan, but they completely support local small businesses. There are no chain restaurants or shopping centers, no Walmarts, no McDonalds, or Starbucks within about 1 or more hours from where we were- only wonderful cafes, coffee shops, farmers markets, boutiques, art galleries, anything you could want, all with personal service and support for the local community. One of the kids favorites is Al Johnsons for Swedish pancakes- and they are also famous for the grass roof on their restaurant where goats hang out! They have been in business this year for 60 years- they are packed every time we go- and the breakfast is incredible! It is so easy being vegetarian up there too-  vegetables are in abundance- most of the restaurants support the local farms as well- I had some incredible cheese, raspberries, cherries that we picked, walnut-veggie burgers, peanut squares… the list goes on- not to mention the calories I consumed- getting a gym membership is on my list this week!    

Sooo, I am back and trying to get caught up on work and life. I miss my family, as well as the vacation life, but I have my photos to remind me of the fun we had- I will post the rest in a few weeks! For now, the beginning of my tribute to being a kid in summer-  picking cherries, fishing, swimming in Lake Michigan, meeting new friends,  Box Forts, and a little tv-  a glimpse into a week in the life of my 4 nephews!    

Armed with a Weapon, July 2010 by Elizabeth Galecke

Twins- Box Fort and the Suprise attack- July 2010 by Elizabeth Galecke

Watchout with hand-made flag- photo by Elizabeth Galecke

Long Day! By Elizabeth Galecke

picking, or eating? cherries by Elizabeth Galecke

By Elizabeth Galecke

Jacob, Max and Charlie making a river to Lake Michigan, by Elizabeth Galecke

Sawyer and the girls of summer, by Elizabeth Galecke

by Elizabeth Galecke

reflection, by Elizabeth Galecke

Jacob, Max and Charlie- by Elizabeth Galecke

worms and fishing with Cousin Stewie, by Elizabeth Galecke

by Elizabeth Galecke

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