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I LOVE photographing “Day in the Life” sessions! This session was a three hour session- I arrived at breakfast, we hung out at their house for a while and then headed to the Rose Garden at Raleigh Little Theater to take some family photos.  Here are some of my favorites!

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Stop by Anna and Alice next Thursday Oct. 7th for a glass of wine and some shopping! I will be showing some work, drinking some wine and shopping as well!

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My favorite Special of the year is almost here!


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S aturday, Oct. 30th and Sunday, October 31st

20 minute sessions

By appointment, please call our studio to schedule@ 919-785-0620

(in Halloween costume only please)

$45.00 plus tax per session




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Photo by Elizabeth Galecke

Over the years of photographing kids, I have had a lot of clients come in to capture their children BEFORE they lose their teeth- trying to capture the last moments when their baby is growing into childhood. But I have this great client who has brought each of her kids in to capture the toothless grin, celebrating this time in their life. I LOVE it! 

 Everyone remembers that point in their life, where you were when it came out, how it happened- was it yanked, did it end up in the apple you bit into, was it attached to a string and slammed out in the door??? But  many of us don’t have the photos to document it. I love the toothless grin-and wanted to pass on the photos so people could enjoy them as well! I hope it starts a new trend so I can see more laughing toothless little kids in here- as for toothless adults-not quite the same:)  

photo by Elizabeth Galecke

photograph by Elizabeth Galecke

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I am doing mini-sessions this week, weekend and Labor Day! Call me for information, or to book a session! $60.00 for a mini session(10 poses) or $110.00 for two sessions! And if you place your order and pay in full within 14 days of viewing your proofs, I am offering a 20% discount on your custom enlargements! Hope to see you soon! The weather will  be cooler towards the end of the week! Perfect for some outdoor photos!

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