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A week ago we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog, Diesel.  She fought a hard fight against cancer, but it took over her body, she declined so quickly and suddenly there wasn’t anything else we could do to ease her pain or help her live a comfortable life. We are so lucky to have an amazing mobile vet, Dr. Kate Bush. After giving Diesel a breakfast of bacon, sausage, and chocolate, Dr. Bush came to the house last Tuesday and we were able to let Diesel go in a peaceful, comfortable way. It was one of the hardest things my husband and I have done in our life as a couple, but I am truly thankful to have such wonderful people in this world that are there to help us through really difficult times. Thank you to everyone who sent us notes and thoughts throughout the last few months.

We are remembering all of the sweet, wonderful times and grieving the loss of the countless gifts she gave us each day.

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