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While I was in Italy, I encountered many unique things and places. Three things that I was really inspired by were doors, signs, and ceilings. I stayed in five different cities and towns, which include Rome, Positano, Taormina, Lipari, and Palermo. In this collection, you will also see images from Erice, the Greek temple of Segesta, and the island of Capri. I enjoyed all of my days in Italy, but some of my favorite days were those when it was cloudy. It was much more pleasant, due to the warm weather and I found that the neutral light was perfect for shooting. The weather was not the only thing shaping the mood and theme of my images. Another is tourists. I found that the mass amount of tourists, especially in enclosed spaces, made it difficult to take pictures. Yet again, while I am complaining about tourists being in the way of my pictures, someone else is most likely saying the same thing about me! I generally just used the other people surrounding me as components of my pictures. If that was not an option, I would go to another smaller part of the picture and shoot there until a spot opened up for the next photo. Many of the indoor spaces that I was photographing were completely relying on natural light to illuminate the area. The natural lighting of indoor areas brings special effect to photographs. It can even give clues as to what kind of weather it was when you took the photo and what time of day it was as well. Many of the images in this collection were minimally edited afterward to bring out components of the photograph as well as cropping and straightening the image. Some may even be edited to look more like they do in real life.

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I’m a Mess







David and I took Grady to college a week ago yesterday. A quick 3-hour drive to Appalachian State and a long ride home in a lightening and thunder downpour that mirrored our chaotic thoughts and feelings.

My youngest, my only son, off on his own finally and all too soon. After the first few days of rocky transition, Grady is settling in, making new friends and finding new interests even as he continues to miss home and especially his wonderful girlfriend, Kelsey.

But, boy I’m a mess. I miss him so damn much. The only two introverts in the house, Grady and I can be together without saying a word, without even being in the same room. He is such an incredible human being—thoughtful, sensitive, funny, deep, empathetic, tender, intellectual, highly verbal—all wrapped up in a masculine package that sometimes disguises who he truly is, at least to those just looking on the surface.

After going into hyper-support mode to help ease the transition, I am now alone with my thoughts, my feelings and my memories. One week into my own transition and I’ve already fixed the garbage disposal, cleaned the oven, vacuumed at least 5 times (including moving furniture), replaced light bulbs, and gotten rid of the beagle nose spots on all the windows in the house. This is in addition to the routine work done by the cleaners. Closets may be next. Or maybe online shopping. Who knows?

And the tears that come so easily, the same ones that have anticipated this change, this grief, this loss throughout his senior year, hell his JUNIOR year. From far-seeing pirate (at 3-5 years old, he told the best pirate jokes) to dance king at his sister’s wedding, it’s all just gone by so damn fast. Does he know how much I love him? Does he love himself in that same way? Does he feel it way deep down, a grounding, centering place he can always return to as he travels forth, metaphorically and literally?

I know deep down in my own soul that I’ve been a good parent to him—fostering his independent spirit from the very beginning, allowing him to do things his way unless he ended up in the proverbial ditch, talking, talking, talking about the world, his and my perceptions of how people work, listening, listening and sharing too. I feel such incredible gratitude that he’s let me be part of his world. I’ve learned so much from parenting him—about life, about love, about myself. He has always been so incredibly clear that he is different than me, that I need to love and respect him for who he is exactly as he is and that my neurotic needs to help him achieve and attain are all so superficial and unnecessary. He helps me experience and know the true nature of love, love at the soul-to-soul level.

I am eternally grateful, Buddy. For your wisdom, your love, our connection. I can’t wait to see how your world expands and unfolds…I love you.

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