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This session just after Thanksgiving was so special and fun!! The client’s father is a photographer and they asked me to shoot film which was so incredibly fulfilling. I love the slowed down process of photographing with my big film camera, up on a tripod. Even though it is spontaneous, I have to think about the shots and really make sure the light works, so¬† I am not able to experiment as much as digital, but its worth it to me ! I love the way film looks and for a day in the life sessions, it just captures a memory in a different way. Digital is great too-it offers other perks- more experiments, less price, and a lot more mobile! But sometimes I appreciate the slowing down and thought process of shooting film, not to mention the anticipation of having to wait for the proofs!

I loved that they booked the session for the morning. I am now offering shorter versions of A day in the life- so much can be caught in 3 hours of a morning! I arrived in the dark, before the kids were awake- which was perfect to capture these boys amazing bed heads- their hair was fabulous!!

I was there quietly trying to record the quiet moments as they were waking up and just chilling out, to making pancakes, (one photo of the oldest literally inhaling the yummy smell of the pancake pressing it still warm to his face:)), to lego time and jumping on the bed- its a short time, but mornings on a weekend can be filled with amazing memories and I was so happy to help capture them. When the kids are are 40 years old, they will have these photographs, not lost on a computer somewhere, they will hold them in their hands, or look at them on the wall and remember their time being kids and remember their parents and the time they had as a family. It is an investment, but something that preserves your family history for years to come. Most people invest in documenting their wedding, but don’t think about how special a day or few hours in the life of their family can be.

One note to mention! Parents are often not so excited about the thought of being caught on camera in general- especially before coffee:) but its so important for your kids to have photographs with you in them. Notice that the parents are in these, they are interacting but not the focus. Its a great way to be there so that you have memories, don’t jump out of the photos, get in there for your kids!! I always also take full family photos while I am there- after everyone is warmed up- usually outdoors on the front porch, or at a favorite park, they are candid, but also a way to get all of the family in the same photograph for a memory.



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Happy new year! I had an amazing break over Christmas and New Years and spent a week with my nephews and family! I always have a hard time deciding how much to try and photograph and when to just put the camera down- I didn’t jump into the football game, but I did play baseball, watched lots of boy movies, shared lots of great food- introduced them to Pho, and laughed and smiled a lot:) Here are some of my favorite images:)


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