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My two students, Emily and Rae, and I set out a few weeks ago on a rainy afternoon to the North Carolina Museum of Art trail and grounds for them to practice some portrait photography on each other, and Rae experimented on a more difficult subject:), ME.  Here are their photos that they each shot and edited and some thoughts from each about the afternoon:)

From Emily: When I photographed Rae, I had just met her for the first time. However, I think we “clicked” really quickly- I found that I have a lot in common with her. Taking pictures of each other at the art museum was a really fun experience. It had just rained, so the lighting was beautiful, and it was perfect for photography. Here are some pictures of Rae that I took.

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From Rae: When Emily and I met at Elizabeth’s house on a Wednesday afternoon, it was looking very gloomy outside and we were not sure whether or not the rain would hold off for much longer. This was our first shoot all together, and we wanted to do something special, but we were not sure if the weather would allow it. We decided to drive to the art museum for our photoshoot, which was very risky. The rain unfortunately did not hold off, but it was worth it! As I have said time and time again, cloudy weather is the best condition to take pictures in, and this shoot was no exception. Although our shoes got a little muddy and our hair frizzy, we had a great time locating good spots for photos and taking them as well. Emily was a great companion and this was a great first experience working with her!

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