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DSC_7658DSC_7672DSC_7675DSC_7683DSC_7689DSC_7702DSC_7711DSC_7746DSC_7775Today was Exciting and fun. Elizabeth and I started the day off by going to the library to find cookbooks, because we are planning a dinner party for my family. We spend a good 20 minutes doing that, and then went to head off to Fresh Levant to meet the owner, Anita, at 11:30. This was especially cool to me because I can’t eat gluten, but they had an entirely gluten free menu. We got to ask the owner questions, and she talked about how she practiced altering recipes to get good gluten free bread. She said some nights she would lay in bed until she got an idea on how to bake the bread, and then built off that. She also gave us some tips about cooking, like how to make a gluten free tart crust and told us that if you think a recipe needs alteration, then you should go ahead and trust your gut. She also said that everything impacted how your cooking turns out. humidity and even your mood. It was cool meeting her! Another good thing about the restaurant was the food; it was great! Some of the best gluten free things I’ve eaten. After the food came, I got to go take pictures in the kitchen, which was fun. It wasn’t a big one, but the workers were efficient. After this, I got a cinnamon roll to go while we drove back. I ate the cinnamon roll while we were constructing a menu from the cookbooks for the dinner party we are planning. We looked through all the cookbooks and came up with a menu (we want it to be a surprise, so it will be posted on Thursday.) we also have a shopping list now, making this easier for later. Tomorrow we plan to go shopping and start cooking! I had loads of fun today and am excited that I now know of a new gluten free restaurant.

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