Today we went to a farm where we learned about when to plant seeds, how to make a hill and what you use a hoe for. Then we picked organic produce like kale, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, beets, carrots, squash and tomatoes.

We then cooked and photographed our vegetables. We made zucchini fritters and ate them for lunch, they were delicious.

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Photos from our day at Fred Fletcher Park, Mordecai Historic Garden and Oakwood Cemetery!


Today, Sarah and I went around downtown to take photos with the murals. It was a very nice day! We took pictures with a variety of different backgrounds. Afterward we went to the farmer’s market to get peaches, corn, jalapenos and lemons, but we couldn’t find any lemons. We went to Whole Foods to get blue corn chips and lemons.  When we got home, we started warming up the grill and making blueberry lavender lemonade. We roasted avocados on the grill which we ate with chips. When we were done roasting vegetables on the grill, we mixed them with sorghum and ate them. For dessert, we had grilled peaches and vegan ice cream made out of our failed icing from Wednesday. 

Hello! My name is sarah and today I did a click and cook with Maya and Elizabeth. We started the day today by going around downtown raleigh and taking portraits by murals and at the train station. I had a lot of fun, and got a very large number of pictures. We kept having to take off our scrunchies so that we can take the pictures more professional. After that, we went to the farmers market to get peaches and corn, but we had to go to whole foods to get the chips and lemons. when we got back, we got started with making our food. todays menu featured smoked guacamole and sorghum with roasted vegetables. for dessert we had grilled peaches and vegan ice cream. we started by making the guacamole so we could have a quick snack before we ate the actual meal. I really thought it tasted like seafood, and i still don’t know why. NExt, after the rest of the vegetables that me and maya had cut up smoked, we added them to the sorghum. This was a really good and fresh meal. WE also prepared some lavender and blueberry lemonade to go with the meal, which made a lovely pink color and overall made a great summer meal. next came the dessert, for which we had roasted peaches and (accidentally melted) vegan ice cream. These two made a really good combination, with the peaches being a little tart. I really loved this summery meal!

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Today me(Sarah), Maya, Elizabeth and Oskar began the day by going to see Maya’s chickens. We looked at her garden and took pictures but we also got some fresh eggs. We all had to wear plastic bags on our feet when going in the chicken coop. After, me and Maya went inside and drew. I drew a flower and Maya a chicken. Soon enough, it was time to go. We went back and started making souffles. We began by mixing the potatoes and fresh herbs together, then we beat the eggs. We finally put the souffles in the oven, and then quickly made the salad with lemon tahini dressing. We then ate and the food was really good. I love the texture of the eggs, and the salad had a lot of flavor. Me and Maya went outside and took some cool pictures of each other. After we came inside to edit photos. I really love cooking with all local ingredients!

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Today, Sarah and I started out at my house! We took pictures of the dew-covered plants in my garden. We also took a few pictures of my chickens. Today, this kid named Oskar also joined us. After Sarah and I finished taking photos, we drew some of them. I drew a chicken and Sarah drew a flower.

When we went back to Ms. Elizabeth’s house, we took a few portraits of each other and finished our drawings(I’m still working on mine). We also started making a souffle with the eggs from my chickens. They turned out really well too! We also made a salad with lemon tahini dressing. That was my favorite part! Food definitely tastes better when you make it yourselves!

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Today, one of my friends, Sarah and I did a “clickandcook” workshop with Ms. Elizabeth. First, we went to the garden at the Mordecai House to take pictures with some different angles and lighting, as well as doing portraits of each other. At the garden, we picked some fresh produce to use in our cooking. After that we went to the farmers market to get heirloom tomatoes. We took many photos on the way! Sarah and I each ended up picking out one large tomato. When we came back home, we used the tomatoes, peppers, and basil to make a beautiful peso pizza on a cauliflower crust. The whole kitchen smelled like basil and olive oil. We photographed every step of the process, such as processing the pesto, spreading the toppings and baking the pizza.

While the pizza was in the oven, we started to make another creation- gluten free, dairy free, tiramisu cupcakes! We used many different types of flour, so they kitchen smelled very good. Sifting the flour took forever! To substitute for milk, we used almond milk. When the pizzas were done( we made two!), we ate them! They tasted amazing! The spices we put on the tomatoes contrasted nicely with the pesto sauce. It tasted especially good since we made it! I’ll have to try one of these recipes on my own one of these days.

When we were done eating, we finished making the cupcake batter. It was too thick at first, so we added more almond milk. We should have added more! The cupcakes came out a little bit chunkier than expected. To fill the cupcakes, we made fudge sauce. It was very difficult to stuff the cupcakes with fudge, but it somehow worked out okay. When we started making the frosting, dairy free cream did not thicken well as expected. The frosting just wouldn’t work. WE ended up sprinkling our cupcakes with cinnamon, chipotle and shaved chocolate. So much chocolate!

Even after giving up on our frosting, our cupcakes looked-and tasted! Amazing. We went through our pictures and edited them afterwards.

Today was an amazing example of the fact that when you make something yourself, it tastes way better!