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Sweet Sisters!

a newborn baby in a moses basket! What a model!

angel wings!

I LOVE a baby in just a diaper, hands and feet everywhere!

Horse back riding outside Beanie and Cecil Baby
ballerina to be!

great natual light, a sweet wooden toy, a seat of holes and a really cute baby!- I love shooting new faces in new places!

balancing on the mod stool!

I spent a few days in late April doing mini-sessions at Beanie and Cecil Baby. I took ten photos of each child- the sessions were about 20 minutes each. It was so fun hanging out at their store- using all natual light and their great modern props!    I hope we can do it again soon!  Here are some of my favorite photos from those sessions!

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 I asked our intern, Joi, to write a post for us on Friday!  It was so fun having her here! Here it is!

                Flowers blooming, sun is shining, temperatures are rising, these are the best signs of the month of April! With the outdoor scenery at its best, you can’t go wrong with some pictures playing around in the flower garden, or candids on the beach. Even though the pollen is getting the best of us, it’s hard to stay away from the outdoors because of this weather.

               We’re starting off this month by traveling to Beanie and Cecil Baby! Here we come!!! Beanie and Cecil Baby offers adorable baby furnishings, accessories, clothes, and we can’t forget the toys! Today, Friday April 9th, Elizabeth will be going to Beanie and Cecil Baby to take some photos of one of the owner’s children.  These sample photos will prepare her for the Mini Sessions that are coming up, that she will be offering everyone in Raleigh or beyond at a special discount of $55.00 (plus tax) per session. The Mini Sessions will run every 20 minutes, on Thursday April 22nd (9 am- 1pm) and also Friday April 23rd (11pm- 4pm). Beanie and Cecil Baby are booking the appointments; feel free to stop by for a visit or call to set up your appointment.  Ask about a chance to win a free Mini Session!

                Also, to add on to the excitement, Joi Marlowe from Saint Mary’s School located on 900 Hillsborough Street, has been interning with us for a few days. At Saint Mary’s, the Seniors choose a passion of theirs that they would like to spend a week doing just to see if it is something they would like to do in the future. Joi Marlowe chose photography and was able to work in the studio Thursday and Friday. She is coming along  to the Beanie & Cecil Baby shoot today!

Thanks for all your love and support!!!

Don’t forget to book your appointment at Beanie & Cecil Baby, we are so excited to take photographs of you and your child.

When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes.  But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!”  -Ted Grant

Mini sessions at Beanie and Cecil Baby!


Thursday April 22   (9am-1pm)

Friday April 23   (11pm-4pm)


Special discount at $55.00 plus tax!

Please Call or stop by Beanie and Cecil Baby to book your appointment.

Ask about a chance to win a free mini-session


 121 Seaboard Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 821-7985




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