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Today we decided to go to a garden to take pictures. We were going to make Vietnamese crepes and rose lemonade. We started off the day going to the garden. This was amazing to take pictures at. There was great lighting and bright plants. We got a couple of things for our cooking, and then we were on our way to the farmers market. We ended up with carrots, radishes, onions, mild pepper, and a very hot pepper. We started cooking by making the batter for the pancakes. We had to let this sit, so we cut up all the vegetables for the inside of the crepes. I had quite a lot of fun arranging and taking pictures of the vegetables.


After this we started on the lemonade. This was pretty easy, because our lemon was already juiced. We added sparkling water, grated ginger, rose water, and honey.DSC_6568DSC_6571


This lemonade was amazing, but I don’t think I did that well on the pictures. After this it was back to the crepes. The pancakes were pretty fun to cook, but were a bit fragile. When they were done, they were fun to photograph.


They also tasted amazing, and the little spicy surprises were fun. After this, I had a lot of cool pictures to edit and then I had to go, with my stomach full.


Note from Elizabeth: I think Sarah’s photos of the lemonade came out gorgeous! And it tasted sooooo refreshing! The garden we visited was Brie Arthur’s edible garden in Fuquay! She writes and travels to talk and teach about planting edible landscapes and sustainable landscaping.  She speaks internationally on a variety of horticulture topics and is a correspondent on the PBS television show Growing A Greener World

We were super excited to visit and photograph her lovely gardens and hang out with the sweet garden cats!!

Along with using a few things from Brie’s garden in our crepes, we made pretty ice cubes with flower petals from her garden! They weren’t frozen by the time Sarah went home, but here is a photo as well as a few of her in action!


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I am back after a turbulent flight from Dallas- kissing the ground and so incredibly happy to see my husband and dog and cats again!  I swear I am never flying again.

I spent an amazing few days with my nephews- I played-I let go of my camera, and just had fun. Proof is not only there are very few photographs from the weekend, but also a completely bruised knee, scrapes on my arms, and grass stains on my jeans.  All  of this came from one amazing dive during flag football- I know, you are so impressed. The photographs I did take this weekend were a feat- photographing family is a lot harder than clients. We wanted to do a photograph of my sister and her 4 boys who are 10, 8 and twin 4 year olds… and their dog- This is my daily life, why would it be different? Well, first… there was my mom, “helping”- then the dog- it was all over the place- and one of the 4 year old twins- I am not sure which one because I still can’t tell them apart he kept saying…”I don’t want my picture taken”, in a whiny voice while running away-  while I was chasing him back- he was laughing at the time- he tripped and ripped a hole in his pants- that upset him even more, “he then started crying about the hole instead of the photos– next, Jacob the 8 year old- “when is this going to be over???????” again and again!  It was hilarious once we actually got everyone in the frame- The film is on it’s way to be processed- I can’t wait to see the craziness documented! I will post my favorite when it is ready! I haven’t photographed them all together since the babies were born- I can’t wait to compare the two photos.

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