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I am so excited. I have been doing some sweet barter for my business with my client/friend Lori Paquette(www.lip-design.com). She has been so fun to work with- her energy is amazing, and her ideas really¬†meshed with what I was hoping for!¬† Barter is the best, I wish I could completely live off of it. I recently also bartered with Holly Aiken(www.hollyaiken.com), Bella Monica(www.bellamonica.com) and Pooles(www.poolesdowntowndiner.com) Great food, cool hand-bags and design for my business… it is so wonderful. I wish I could barter my mortgage and utilities- that would be the best… Obama… I believe you would help me figure out a way if you could….

I wanted to post my new ad that Lori designed for me. I choose to use my nephews to show their growth over the years I have photographed them. I love to shoot in this way… day in the life moments. So we are focusing some new ads on preserving history, capturing real life, and honoring the traditional fine-art medium of photography. Let us know what you think!


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