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The first day of camp was really fun. Well, all of camp was fun. We started off with going to the Moredcai house. They have a little garden that I never knew about! We were able to pick whichever vegetables we wanted and there was such a variety. We were also there to take pictures and Elizabeth encouraged us to take our time and to really look before we shoot. We ended up bringing radishes, peppers, and flowers back with us. We then continue our journey to Grand Asia Market (we made a quick stop to Bakers Dozen in between). It was really cool to see all the different produce and spices the store had. We picked up the needed ingredients, sapped a few pictures and were on our way. In the kitchen we started to make our Pickles, Kimchi, and Jeon. Jeon is a Korean Potato Pancake that you can put meats and vegetables in. We were doing all veggies and mixed all of them together (with a wonderful food processor). Cooking and talking was fun but, we were beginning to get hungry. It was amazing to see your work pay off and become some delicious “pancakes” and a pretty salad. Once we had finished eating we went through the pictures Rae and I had taken that day, they were all so amazing and it was very interesting to see the different styles we both had. I liked how we were both at the same place but each saw everything differently.

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Day 2 was full of with baking. We chose to make a “Golden Butter Cake with Pink Sea Salt Caramel and Honeycomb”. Let me tell you this was not a “piece of cake”! This day was still probably my favorite day though and not just because of the delicious smells wafting from the oven. The conversation that Elizabeth, Rae, and I had that day were super fun and interesting. I loved how we each brought our own “cake” to the table and how we were willing to try and lean about each other. Finally, after a while It was time to decorate. Buttercream in one hand and chocolate sauce in the other I was ready to tackle this project. Carefully spinning the cake, I cover the entire treat with delicious buttercream. Setting it in the fridge it’s Rae’s turn to frost the cake and me take pictures of it. We switch chairs and I start to drizzle the melted chocolate on my cake letting it run down the sides however it wants. I then continue with sprinkling some pink sea salt and putting some maple syrup honeycomb on the edge. Good cake takes time I was super proud of the end result.

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Day 3 was the last day sadly. We were planning on making pita bread and spicy sweet potato falafel with white kimchi. The kitchen was filled with lively conversation and aromatic odors. My favorite part was the pita bread making, it was very interesting, and we ended up learning about the history of bread and who first made it. Kneading the bread and taking pictures of the balls of dough I was able to appreciate all the steps in cooking and the patience it takes. It’s so nice to see and taste the end result of a day cooking and photography. The whole camp has been a great time and I’ve learned a lot about both cooking and photography.

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