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Wrightsville, Wilmington, Figure Eight Sessions available July 31-morning of Aug 3.

Bald Head Island session available Tuesday Aug. 5th

For other dates or locations please email or call:) Thanks! Elizabeth

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I am in Beaufort, NC this week photographing families and children on the beach at Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. It is gorgeous here, only 80 degrees and a little cloudy today. We may have some rain today and tomorrow, but hopefully not enough to cancel shoots. We have a few more openings available if anyone is interested! I am here until the 10th- please call our studio (919)785-0620 and leave a message with Katie or on our voicemail and one of us will be happy to call and give you information. It is supposed to be wonderful weather from Tuesday -Friday! We make beautiful holiday cards from these beach shoots every year- and they are great gifts for family too! Check out our beach photos on our website!  Click on Portfolio at the top, then Beach on the left …Elizabeth Galecke Photography

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I am back after a turbulent flight from Dallas- kissing the ground and so incredibly happy to see my husband and dog and cats again!  I swear I am never flying again.

I spent an amazing few days with my nephews- I played-I let go of my camera, and just had fun. Proof is not only there are very few photographs from the weekend, but also a completely bruised knee, scrapes on my arms, and grass stains on my jeans.  All  of this came from one amazing dive during flag football- I know, you are so impressed. The photographs I did take this weekend were a feat- photographing family is a lot harder than clients. We wanted to do a photograph of my sister and her 4 boys who are 10, 8 and twin 4 year olds… and their dog- This is my daily life, why would it be different? Well, first… there was my mom, “helping”- then the dog- it was all over the place- and one of the 4 year old twins- I am not sure which one because I still can’t tell them apart he kept saying…”I don’t want my picture taken”, in a whiny voice while running away-  while I was chasing him back- he was laughing at the time- he tripped and ripped a hole in his pants- that upset him even more, “he then started crying about the hole instead of the photos– next, Jacob the 8 year old- “when is this going to be over???????” again and again!  It was hilarious once we actually got everyone in the frame- The film is on it’s way to be processed- I can’t wait to see the craziness documented! I will post my favorite when it is ready! I haven’t photographed them all together since the babies were born- I can’t wait to compare the two photos.

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